I’m an expatriate American from California, living, writing, and teaching in the Netherlands. I studied in Berkeley, San Francisco and Berlin, then followed love to the Netherlands.

Once upon a time, my parents immigrated from Japan and Iran to the United States. Their expatriation and my multicultural upbringing inform the way I live my life abroad, the way I see America, and the way I parent. I write about these things, my faith and the experiences that move me.

I also write in Dutch for joop.nl and have published editorial essays for the Dutch national newspaper, NRC next. Read what I have to say in Dutch at anastasiainholland.com.

View my portfolio here.

All material on this weblog is copyrighted:

© 2007-2017 Anastasia Hacopian.

All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Just finished the concert brochure for the fall and took it to the printer, came back to my office and attended to email responses postponed in my single-minded determination to get that project done. After sending the message to you I looked at your blog and was transported to your world. Lovely. Thank you.

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